LF GROUPLF GROUP - a steadily growing group of companies, won the trust and respect in the media market.

The magazine LF City" is a glossy potentil of the capital, produced with a circulation of 60 000 copies quarterly. We are always in the center of all events and instantly share everything with their readers, on the pages of gloss, on our website and social networks.
"LF Event" is a Studio of special projects, which account for more than 1000 corporate events, business conferences, private events, concerts, shows and socially important projects, including the Federal scale.
In the producer centre "LF Prod are the clearest voices of our time, and talented leading actors. Currently, our team takes a few television shows and a feature film.
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Yulia Rybakova — President of the LF Group, editor-LF CITY
"Today is your tomorrow. It is this principle of work each employee adheres to the LF Group. Of course, to succeed, needs daily hard work, but it's more important to love what you do. I infinitely love their job. And ready to spend all your time and energy for achieving new goals LF Group.
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